Group PCR Test
for Companies and Corporations

PCR tests for organizations

Considering the recent situation, it is desirable to present a certificate indicating that the patient is not infected with COVID-19 in business meetings. Although this certificate is a factor that increases the credibility of a company, there are still few medical institutions in Japan that can provide reliable and legitimate PCR tests to anyone.

Toward the continuation of social activities

We have an immediate testing system of over 100 patients per day. We have concluded contracts with a number of listed companies to conduct group testing, which is used for a variety of purposes such as preventing the spread of infection and issuing certificates before business trips. We accept requests for group testing from companies and corporations at any time, and we are able to respond to requests on the same day.

Various testing methods

In addition to the “PCR test in our clinic”, you can also choose the “home test”, in which patients can return their specimen using a test kit. Depending on the test method and time of day, results can be reported the same day. We consult with patients on the implementation of periodic and planned inspections. The cost of the inspection will need to be quoted depending on various conditions such as the number of people, the location of the inspection, and the format in which the documents will be issued.

Reliable tests conducted by medical institutions

Our PCR test is performed as a medical procedure that involves a medical doctor’s consultation, and is essentially different from the cheap services provided by private testing centers, which only transmit the results. Therefore, if the test result is negative, a negative test result certificate with the medical doctor’s signature and seal can be issued on the same day. This can be used as an official medical certificate that is required for various social activities, including overseas travel.

Outsourced specimen analysis to a major laboratory

The analysis of specimens is outsourced to either BML Corporation or LSI Medience Corporation, two of the top three clinical laboratories in Japan in terms of scale and reliability, in order to thoroughly pursue test accuracy. It goes without saying that test accuracy is of the utmost importance for tests required for business.

Dealing with mutant virus strains

The clinical laboratories to which we outsource specimen analysis are capable of detecting many types of mutant viruses that have been found so far, such as the N501Y mutant strains (Alpha, Beta, and Gamma variants) and the L452R mutant strains (Delta variant). Specimens that test positive for the virus are subjected to another mutant strain PCR test to identify the type of virus. The results will be shared with public health centers and medical institutions, and will be important in predicting the treatment and prognosis of the patient.
Documentation of currently detectable mutant strains

Advantages of our mass PCR test

We have conducted mass PCR tests for many companies and corporations. We are confident that patients will be satisfied with the efficient operation of the test and the various methods of delivering results quickly and according to patient’s needs, while paying close attention to infection control. For business-related tests, please consider our PCR test. For more details about the test, please click here.

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